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AAFES Offering Free Holiday Layaway


AAFES Free layawayJust in time for the pre-holiday season, Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) will be waiving the usual $3 layaway fee for eligible purchases.

This program, which began on 12 September, allows AAFES customers to make purchases of $25 or more and pay the balance between the purchase date and 24 December without an additional layaway fee. Purchases will require a 15% deposit, and all other usual layaway policies will apply.

I love this idea because it allows servicemembers to pay for their purchases over time without accruing interest on a credit card. By paying a little bit each paycheck, military families can enjoy a nice Christmas, Hannukah or Kwanzaa season without worrying about big bills arriving in January.

As a bonus, the gifts will also be out of your house until just before the holiday. I am terrible about creatively hiding gifts and then not being able to remember where I've put them. Knowing that they were all safely stored at someone else's house would be a huge benefit for me!

Consider whether AAFES layaway is the right way for you to pay for your holiday shopping without getting into debt.  Let me know if you take advantage of this offer, and if it is beneficial for you.

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