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Bonus Savings With Credit Cards


Jonathan from My Money Blog just posted about some specials that may currently be available to some American Express cardholders.  Specific deals that he mentions include "$15 off $75 at Home Depot, $5 off $5 at Dunkin Donuts, $5 off $30 at ExxonMobil, $5 off $30 at BP gas stations, $25 off $75 at, $5 off $25 at Petco."   You can check out his blog for the details.

However, don't forget that other credit cards often offer similar promotions.  If you use a Visa or Mastercard, occasionally check out their deals pages.

I just had a quick look at the Visa discounts page, and it has a wide variety of promos.  Most are for travel that most of us won't be doing, (Raffles Hotel and Resorts, anyone?), but some were much more mundane and likely to help with regular spending.  $5 off $50 at jumped out at me, as did  10% off at Tommy Hilfiger Company Stores.

As best as I can tell, Mastercard is making things just a little more complicated.  They've got this new Priceless program, which allows you to select a city and see specific deals for that city.  While it is cool, it seems to lack the basic $5 off this thing that I am already going to buy" sensibility of the Visa offers.

While I never advocate using a credit card just because you are going to get a deal, you might as well save when you can on purchases that you are going to make anyway.  Just this morning, I was looking at my favorite Tommy Hilfiger flip-flops and decided that they probably aren't going to last the summer.  I'm going to check at the outlet next time I go to visit my grandfather, and I'll be taking that Visa coupon with me.  Even if I only save 50 cents, it is better than nothing for almost no effort.


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