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Keeping Up With Base Events

Today's post is a pitch to get connected with the events on your nearby military base, or bases if you live near more than one.

The internet, email and Facebook have changed the way we communicate.  In addition, military installations have built up an impressive array of services, events, and promotions.  The family support unit, the chapel, MWR, the USO,  and privatized housing all put on events.  Heck, sometimes they even (accidentally) compete with each other.

How can you be sure that you know everything that is going on?  I suggest you look for Facebook pages for your closest base(s), and also contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Fleet and Family Service Center, Marine Corps Community Center, or Army Community Services to make sure you are on their email lists.  You can also look for Facebook groups for specific groups within the base(s), such as toddler's parents group or a command group.

What kind of things might you find?  A recent sample from NSA Annapolis email includes free movie nights (including Chick-Fil-A sandwiches), Auto Skills Shop information, items for rent from MWR, and Teen Events.  The Joint Base Lewis McChord Army Community Services Facebook page features workshops on parenting post deployment, tips for Military Saves Week, and Employment Readiness classes.

Not everything will appeal to you, but there is enough good stuff to be worth the time to read the email or the FB post.  It makes me absolutely crazy when I find out about stuff after it has happened - don't let that happen to you!  Being connected is so easy don't even have to leave your sofa to know what is going on.  Take a few minutes today to track down those email lists and Facebook groups.  I can almost promise that you will find something useful within the next month.  And let me know when you do.  I love being right!

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