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In researching which banks are doing what for the government shutdown, I stumbled across another free resource for financial education and planning online. It is called BalanceTrack, and it appears to be paid for by banks and credit unions. Fortunately, the website is open to anyone, so we can all use it.

Sections include:

  • Money Management
  • 10 Steps to Financial Success
  • The Psychology of Spending
  • Financial Planning
  • Smart Tax Planning
  • Rebuilding After A Financial Crisis
  • Financial First Aid (I've highlighted this one because it has some great information on stressful financial situations.)
  • World of Credit Reports
  • Credit Matters
  • Checking Account Management
  • The Road To Homeownership
  • Using Home Equity
  • Drive Away Happy
  • Identity Theft
  • High Cost Financial Services
  • The Basics of Investing
  • Teens and Money
  • Finances for College Students
  • Repaying Student Loans
This looks like useful information for everyone, regardless of where you are on your financial journey.  We can all use a reminder of basic planning skills.  Hope some of you find this useful. Show Full Article

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