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14 July 2013 Weekend Roundup


When I spend any amount of time on the internet, I end up with tons of open tabs, all containing things that I think might be interesting to you.  Here are some interesting bits that I have been reading lately.

Facebook scams

From Kim Komando writing for USA Today, 4 tricky Facebook scams to avoid contains useful information about how scammers use Facebook.  I'm a big Facebooker, so this is extra useful to me.  Those scammers might not be good people, but they are obviously smart.

PIN Analysis

Ever wondered how to choose a good pin?  This article analyzes the distribution of pin numbers.  From the data, it is easy to see what pins are most common, and from that you can see what an uncommon pin looks like.  It is really fascinating, especially if you enjoy that mathy-science-analysis sort of stuff.

Changes To Student Loans

Students who take out student loans in the future will not enjoy the exceptionally low interest rates of the recent past.  This article explains the changes, and how students should adapt their plans to the new situation.

Please send me interesting things that you find around the internet.  I hope you have had a great weekend!

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