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Did You Receive a Settlement?


If you've been keeping up on financial news since before The Paycheck Chronicles began, you may remember a class action lawsuit against credit card companies, claiming that there was some sort of problem with the way that they were charging overseas transaction. The lawsuit was settled well over a year ago, and checks were to have been received in early 2012.  Many people did receive their refunds.  However, three different people have now told me that they never received their refunds.

So, I was wondering:  Did you make a claim in this lawsuit?  Did you ever receive a refund?  And, if you don't mind, how much did you receive.  The pessimist in me wonders how many people did not have their claims fulfilled, and if there is an issue there.

I am hesitant to bring this up because it is old news, but the curious person inside me wants to know.


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