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New Fee For Pets To Germany


Servicemembers with PCS orders to Germany should be prepared for a new fee for importing pets.  The examination fee begins 1 February 2013 and applies to all pets brought to Germany from outside the European Union.

At Ramstein Air Terminal, there will be a 55 Euro (approximately $74 US) fee.  At Frankfurt International Airport, the fee will be 55 Euro for unaccompanied animals, and 35 Euro (approximately $47 ) for accompanied animals.  At Frankfurt, there will be a 50% surcharge for pets arriving on the weekend or on a holiday.

The fee must be paid by credit card and the facilities are not equipped to accept debit cards, cash, or checks.  The new fee is the responsibility of the pet owner and may not be claimed on a travel claim.  It may, however, be claimed as an adjustment on federal income tax returns.  This fee is in addition to any transportation costs for moving the pet on the air carrier.

At this time, only Frankfurt International Airport and Ramstein Air Terminal have announced plans to implement this new fee.  However, since it is based on European Union law, it is likely that a similar fee will be enacted elsewhere.

Moving with pets is never easy or cheap.  Thank goodness we love them!


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