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In this edition of the Weekend Roundup, I'm going to spotlight a few more personal blogs written by military servicemembers or their spouses.  I love personal money blogs because they include lots of detailed information that's just not appropriate for me to include here.

Military Retirement and Financial Independence

I've written about Doug, his website, and his book before.  He's a super-smart guy who truly wants to help others find the financial independence that he so enjoys.  I love that he not only talks about basic topics but also investigates more complex things such as charitable gift funds.  No matter where you are on your journey to or through retirement, Doug has something for you.

Military Money Manual

Written by a 25 year Air Force officer, Military Money Manual tells the story of Spencer's quest to be financially independent by age 40.  Spencer is very open about his financial situation, and the decisions that he's made so far.  I look forward to watching Spencer's journey.

Military Money Chica

Military Money Chica is written by military spouse Adrianna Domingos-Lupher.  She's an Accredited Financial Counselor who sprinkles plenty of her family's personal experience in with her financial nuggets of wisdom.  And the "chica?"  That comes from her Latino heritage.  Plenty of good reading here.

There are lots of other more business-y military websites out there, and a whole host of websites that are directly or indirectly funded by the Department of Defense as part of their push to provide financial education to their people.  However, this is just about more personal websites.

I hope you enjoy these sites and learn some new things from them.

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