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Guestimating 2013 BAS Rates

No more guessing...2013 BAS Rates have been announced.


I usually don't like to speculate about upcoming raises or other changes in benefits, but inquiries about the 2013 Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) rates have been coming in like crazy.

BAS rates are set by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The Fiscal Year 2013 NDAA has not yet made its way through both houses of Congress and to the President's table for signature into law. However, the NDAA version currently being considered includes a 3.4% increase in BAS. If this version makes its way through the process and becomes law, BAS rates for 2013 would be:

Enlisted: $360.29 Officer: $248.12

Will the 2013 NDAA makes its way to the President as it is currently written? Who knows...with the chaos in Washington, it is anyone's guess. But if it does, these should be the 2013 BAS rates.

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