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December Commissary Remote Sales


Not a lot of remote location sales in December, but there are a few.  Between the holidays and the possibility of poor weather, it is a tough time to bring the Commissary products and prices to places away from regular Commissary stores.  As always, please click on the link in the post to get the contact information for the sponsoring store, then call to confirm dates, time and locations.

December 1 Guard and Reserve Charles L. Sullivan ANG Base 141 Military Dr, Bldg 237 Jackson, MS 39232

December 7 Guard and Reserve Camp Grafton Training Center 4417 Hwy. 20 Devil's Lake, ND 58301-8500

December 8 – 9 Guard and Reserve Baton Rouge, NO

Sometimes, the sponsoring commissaries can provide a list of the products and prices. That is helpful if you are making a long trip, so you don't waste the time and gas for products that won't interest you.

Happy Shopping!

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