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From The Mailbag: New Military Pay Questions


As if entering the military weren't stressful enough, there are all those pesky pay issues that come along with territory.  One dad wrote me, wondering how his daughter would manage while his son-in-law went through basic military training.

My son-in-law joined the army. My daughter will be at home while her husband is at basic training. Will she or her husband receive an allowance for being married while in basic training? If yes, how much? Any other info on basic pay while married would be very much appreciated.

Thank You,

Mr. Smith

He's smart to ask, because there is so much to learn and new military families need to be prepared for the delay in pay arriving.
Dear Mr. Smith,

Thanks for writing to The Paycheck Chronicles.

Your son-in-law will receive his base pay, as well as Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for the location where your daughter is residing.  The amount is based on the location.  You can do a query to find out the amount at

Make sure that your son-in-law and daughter know that there will be a four to six week delay between the time he arrives at basic training and when the first pay is deposited in the account.  They need to make sure that they have a joint bank account and that he has the correct deposit information so that there isn't any problem getting his pay deposited.

They need to ask lots of questions of the recruiter so they are prepared for this exciting but also scary change in their lives.

Thanks for writing,

Kate Kashman

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