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Oh, Government Travel Card


The government travel card has done it again.  I swear, it seems like it is more trouble than it is worth.

My husband uses his reluctantly, because he is supposed to use it for certain activities.  He travels pretty regularly, usually overseas.  With the exchange rates ever fluctuating, he never hits the exact amount to send to the card, and has a $2.43 cent balance or we get a refund check for $.97.  Then there was the time that the very large travel claim was misprocessed while he was deployed...I shudder just thinking about it.  But today's saga seems more preventable.

Apparently, your government travel card is deactivated while you are between duty stations during a PCS.  I guess I understand that, since no command is sending you on travel while you are PCSing.  However, what happens when you hit the ground running at your new duty station?  It seems the mechanism to reactivate the card isn't very speedy.  My husband officially started work at his new job on the 9th of July, and just today I got a phone call from someone because his card was declined.

This wouldn't be so annoying if there weren't so many things that are supposed to be put on a government travel card.  In our case, it was visa applications for the family.  Would have been easy enough to do it on a personal card, but that isn't what the directions say.  So you follow the rules, and then it makes life more difficult.

Okay, venting over.  Return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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