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Navy Federal Credit Union Active Duty and Retired Pay Posting Calendar



Looking for 2013?  See 2013 Navy Federal Pay Posting Dates

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) customers may find the following NFCU Military Active Duty Posting Calendar helpful.  I tried to link directly to the page but I can't do that because of the way that the page is built into their website.  If you want to verify with the original, you will have to go the NFCU website home page (not your account page) and look under products.  Select checking and then select the military tab at the top.  At the bottom of this page, there is a link that says NFCU Military Active Duty Posting Calendar 2012.  This link will pop open a new window with the calendar listed, or you can just click on the picture below and you'll see the screen shot that I took:

 Now, because nothing can be easy, there was no way to show the entire year in one shot.  Here's the calendar for October through December:

Not sure which type of checking account you have?  You can check your accounts list online, call them on the telephone, or stop by a branch to find out.  You can also learn more by reading NFCU Checking Account Types:  Active Duty and Other.

Hope this helps!

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