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Book Giveaway: Suze Orman's The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom


Day three of "Kate gives away her books," and I've discovered that I own two copies of Suze Orman's The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom.  I used to be a huge Suze Orman fan, and I still like her general principles even if I disagree with many of her specifics.

In The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, Suze talks about your personal relationship with money and how it affects your behavior.  This, I like, because it makes a lot of sense to me.  She then follows the emotional stuff with real suggestions about insurance, investments, spending plans and debt issues.  There is a lot of encouragement to be found in this book.

To enter, leave me a comment telling me if you are a Suze Orman fan, and why or why not.  The winner will be selected, via a random number generator, from all entries received before midnight EST on Sunday, 29 April 2012.

Good luck!

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