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So, What Topics Would Interest YOU?


Over the last few weeks, I've gotten some negative feedback through a variety of sources. I've been told that I publish "mostly drivel" and that I shouldn't bother with such "amateur" writing. It doesn't bother me to have people say negative things about me - it comes with the territory - but it does make me wonder if I'm missing my target audience.

When we first began publishing The Paycheck Chronicles, I had lofty goals of helping people navigate the more challenging times in their financial lives: what sort of situations would make higher TSP contributions make more sense than contributing to an IRA, knowing the best way to distribute your GI Bill eligibility, and things like that.

I rapidly discovered that most of my readers were looking for something a little more basic.

The number one most popular page at The Paycheck Chronicles is the list of military paydays, and even that is hard for many people. I have readers who insist that the list is wrong, I have commenters who truly believe that the military always pays early on the 1 June pay so that people will have money to have fun over Memorial Day weekend, heck, I have even had at least one comment that states that the military releases 1 December pay early so that people can do shopping on Black Friday. Other regularly popular topics include whether Lowes offers a military discount, and what the rate for Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) is this year.

As I've come to know my readers more, I've tried to talk about topics that directly impact their day-to-day financial lives. Subjects such as the early direct deposit policies of popular military banks always generate comments and questions. Anything dealing with the commissaries and exchanges is popular. Military spouse employment and education opportunities is a hot topic that affects many military families.

Some mornings, I wake up and have no ideas at all. I hang out on a variety of popular military websites to see what issues are affecting our troops and their families and often find inspiration from their questions and stories.

Ultimately, however, I am hoping to write things that interest YOU - the people who are already here, reading The Paycheck Chronicles. Please, please, let me know what sort of topics would make you want to come back and read more. You can put them in the comments here, or tell Kate all about it!.

Thanks for visiting, and hope to see you again soon.

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