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April LES To Be Available Today, 22 April

I was looking up some stuff at MyPay for my TSP post, and I decided to see if my husband's April Leave and Earnings Statements (LES) happened to be posted yet.  It seemed awfully early, but I tried anyway.  I was quite surprised to get a page with this notice:


Pay for April 15 has been processed, and everyone should see their normal mid-month pay, unless they had pay changes between March 21 and April 7. In researching members� accounts who believed they were paid incorrectly, DFAS determined pay is accurate. For these accounts, they found valid pay changes, such as new or stopped allotments; meal deductions; or repayment of debts that we started or stopped.

If you are still not sure your pay is accurate, please contact your local finance office or submit additional information securely via Also, please don�t forget to closely review your end-of month LES when it comes out by April 22.

And then I thought, "wait, TODAY is 22 April!" so I clicked on the box that said Click Here to View Your NPA/LES.  And lo, there was my husband's April LES!

Yes, it looks just a touch odd, what with the mid-month pay being broken into two parts, but basically it looks like your usual end-of-month LES.

For those of you who are concerned that your mid-month pay was calculated incorrectly, this is the tool for which you have been waiting.  Check out that LES and see what's going on!

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