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Guard or Reserve? Here's Why Your LES Looks Wacky


UPDATE:  DFAS has pulled all LES and mid-month net advice of pay, pending more information on the budget situation.

I've been hearing from Guard and Reserve members who have a mid-month LES and it looks all crazy.  DFAS has posted a notice about this, and it might help you understand how they've chosen to work this accounting.

Statement on Guard/Reserve Pay - April 2011

Some Guard and Reserve members in reviewing their most recent pay statement have noticed and questioned what appears to be a debt that was subtracted from current pay.

Pay for members of the Guard and Reserves for the period of April 1 to 15 had to be computed prior to the expiration of the current Continuing Resolution Authority (CRA). However, due to the possibility of the CRA expiring, we were only able to pay members for the period of April 1-8.

To compensate for lack of funding authority, the system paid members the entire amount due for April 1-15 and then subtracted the amount for which there is no authorization - April 9-15.

The amount listed as a debt is actually the amount of pay the member would have received for April 9-15. Once a new CRA or appropriation is passed, the amount listed as a debt will actually be paid to the member.

Confused?  Basically, in an attempt to make the math work out, they credited the entire half-month pay then took back half.

Hope that helps!

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