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March Commissary Remote Site Sales


Like shopping at the commissary but live far away?  See if any of these Commissary Remote Location sales are going to be anywhere near you!

March 4-6, Wailuku, Hawaii:  Air National Guard, 1686 Kaahumanu Avenue

March 5-6, Charleston, West Virginia, West Virginia National Guard, 1703 Coonskin Avenue

March 11-12, Charlotte, North Carolina, Guard and Reserve, 4930 Minuteman Lane

March 11-13, Grenada, Mississipi, Guard and Reserve, Camp McCain, 3152 James H. Biddy Road

March 18-19, Roseburg, Oregon, Oregon National Guard, 2110 SW Frear Street

March 18-19, Walla Walla, Washington, Army National Guard, 113 S. Colville St.

The links will take you to the store information page for the commissary that is organizing the remote location sale. Please contact them directly to verify dates, time and locations.

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