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19 February 2011 Weekend Roundup

It has been a crazy week here, and I haven't spent much time randomly surfing the internet.  I have stumbled across a few good articles, though:

Neal Frankle writes about Why I Bought More Life Insurance at Five Cent Nickle.  I appreciate the reminder that it is always good to make sure you have adequate life insurance coverage for your current circumstances.  Even if you had the right amount a year ago, your needs might be different right now.

Janet Farley writes about 7 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search.  It has been a while since I job hunted (oh, about 15 years...), but I know that these are solid tips.

Given the state of my freezer, I was very interested to read Learn How-To Freeze Food.  Nothing worse than taking food out of the freezer to find that it is ruined.

Hope spring is headed your way - I am really looking forward to it!

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