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NEX Hair Accessories Deal

On Friday, my daughter was going to a sleepover and they were planning to do one another's hair.  I am a little freaky about shared hair things and I told her that I would purchase some new things so that they could have fun without me fretting.  If we were in the States, I would have gone to the Dollar Tree and stocked up.  Here, not so much.  I haven't found the Euro Tree yet, so off to the Navy Exchange I went.

At first, I checked the clearance items and found a few decent packages of clips, barrettes, and elastic bands.  Even on clearance, they were between two and three dollars a package.  I didn't want to spend too much money but I was also hoping to get a decent selection.  As I looked all over the hair accessory department, I spotted the most amazing deal:  A mixed bag of five Goody hair accessory packages for just $4.99.  They had them in small girl sets and adult/larger girl sets.  The adult bag included a package of regular ponytail elastics, one package of the elastic headbands that are so popular, one package of large clips, one package of the small, metal flat clips that are sort of like barrettes, and one package of bobby pins.

If you use any of these items, check to see if your Exchange carries this great deal.  I found mine on the bottom pegs of the display, hardly visible.

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