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Is Black Friday All That?


Since we are overseas, I have been doing a lot of holiday shopping online.  I'm nearly done, but there are a few things that would still like to pick up.  I keep opening websites, putting a bunch of stuff in my basket, and then thinking that the sales will get better on Friday.  The whole situation has wasted a lot of time and made me wonder:  is there some sort of peak of holiday discounts?  Is Black Friday really the highlight of the shopping season?

Then there is the mailing/wrapping/not running around like a crazy person on Christmas Eve factor.  How long can I wait to make purchases and still have them here before Christmas?  I try to have all my wrapping done early so that I can enjoy the holiday itself.  (I don't succeed, but I do try.)  I don't want to make my life more stressful just to save an extra $2.

I think I will call Friday my last day to shop.  Barring emergencies, I'm doing it all and if the prices go down, that is OK.  I'm not even going to look and see if they go down, but rather I'm going to use that opportunity to remove all those pesky emails from my inbox permanently by unsubscribing to tempting advertising.

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