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Sears Heroes at Home Situation Update


If you haven't already heard, the Sears Heroes at Home Registry is closed.  Whether or not it is permanently closed is a bit of a question right now.  The official announcement on the website states that they received more than 25,000 registrations in the first 24 hours.  There is a lot of speculation that many of those registrations are duplicates, due to the way the website was malfunctioning while it was overwhelmed.  Several telephone representatives have provided bits of information to various callers.  For the time being, I think we have to assume that the telephone reps are right.  Here are some things that have been stated:

  • They are going to remove all the duplicates and then verify active duty status.
  • They may reopen registrations at some point.
  • They will be mailing confirmation emails this week.
  • Last year the registration was open and then closed again several times.
It looks like we will have to keep our ears and eyes open on this one.  Please, if you learn anything new, share it in the comments.
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