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Stop Feeling Poor


In my inbox recently was an email from Mary Hunt, titled Three Ways to Stop Feeling Poor.  In her article, Mary suggests the following low-cost ways to help you feel great without spending money:  keep your car clean, inside and out; declutter your home; and tuck a $100 bill inside a secret pocket of your wallet (not for spending, just to make you feel good.)

I agree that all three are great suggestions.  I absolutely love the feeling of a clean car.  (Unfortunately, I have four poorly-trained children and I don't get to feel it very often.)  A decluttered house is so much more welcoming.  I often think back to my childhood.  My best friend lived in a teensy house with her large family.  Their furniture was old and well-worn.  However, after we cleaned the living room (often her chore, and of course I helped so we could go play), it was as inviting as any fancy, decorated place.  I'm not as sure about the third suggestion.  I might be tempted to spend the money.  Or pay off debt with it.  What if my wallet is lost?  I don't think I'll try that one.

To Mary's suggestions, I would like to add my own list of three:

  1. Get dressed in decent clothes every day.  It doesn't have to be fancy - a pair of jeans and clean T shirt will do the job.  Brush your hair and if it is long, get it out of your face.  As much as I like to be barefoot, I feel better when I am wearing shoes.  (Try it - it works!)
  2. Be conscious of the things for which you are thankful.  Some people like to start a gratitude journal, where they write down the blessings in their lives.  I try to be very deliberate in appreciating my house, my clothes, my family, etc.
  3. Give to others.  Whether it be an hour of your time, a dollar of your money, or a bag of unworn clothes, giving will help you feel prosperous.
We can't all have tons of money, but we can stop feeling poor.  As an added bonus, it is easier NOT to spent when we are feeling positive about our lives.  What suggestions would you add to the list? Show Full Article
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