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MOAA Clarifies MyCAA ???s


The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) has put together a nice FAQ sheet that helps to explain some of the questions about how the MyCAA changes will affect those of us who are current participants but will no longer be eligible under the new rules.

For participants like me, who are currently enrolled in the program but are losing their eligibility because our spouses have been in the military too long, there are a few important dates:

  • By August 31st, any new career plans must be approved (I'm changing plans quickly, so I need to have that complete by August 31.)
  • By October 21st, all financial approval for new classes must be complete.  You may apply for classes that begin up until 15 January 2011.
The instructions say that these steps must be "applied for" by the dates listed, but I would err on the side of caution and give them ample time to process your requests before those dates.  If only we knew what would be enough time to get everything.  In my past experience, it has taken weeks to get replies to any communication.  I would like to think that they are going to honor our good efforts to communicate with the program administrators, but at this point I am distrustful of the process.

Once weeding through all the confusing information, it isn't too bad, but it is frustrating.  For many families, this is not the right time to be suddenly cramming a spouse's education into a short period of time.  Unfortunately, these changes have pushed them into a situation where they need to choose between losing this financial assistance or making their family's life unpleasant for this next year or so while they try to complete as much schooling as possible.

So, spouses, if you are a current participant in MyCAA and you will lose your eligibility when the changes take effect in October, now is the time to push those education plans as far as your family situation will allow you.

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