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DECA Guard/Reserve On-Site Sales

Did you know that the Defense Commissary Agency (DECA) holds commissary events at remote locations throughout the US.  Though they are termed Guard/Reserve On-Site Sales, all eligible commissary patrons are encouraged to shop at these sales.

Upcoming dates and locations include:

July 16-17, Cedar City, Utah

July 16-17, Coos Bay, Oregon

July 17, Novato, California

July 17-18, Temple, Texas

July 23-25, Columbus, Nebraska

July 24-25, Tupelo, Mississippi

July 30, Alameda, California

July 30-31, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

July 31, Keyser, West Virginia

July 31, Cleveland, Ohio

For more information about each of these events, look at the Guard/Reserve On-Site Sales page.  Click on the location near you ,which will bring you to the website for the sponsoring commissary.  Then click on the Local Store Events link in the center of the first paragraph.  At that webpage, you should find information about the On-Site Sale.  If there is no information listed, use the contact information on that page to obtain the sale details.

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