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Canceling Your Cell Phone


Our family has been Sprint cellular customers for years, and they have been pretty good to us.  I can't compare their service to other companies because we've never had anyone else.  I have suspended my husband's telephone number several times when he has been deployed and their no-cost suspension has been great.

Today I called to cancel our service while we are overseas.  We have two cell phones and one wireless card.  Both cell phones are long beyond their contract but the wireless card still has about 9 months left on its contract.  The representative assured me that there would be no termination fees since we had moved with the military, and offered to move our phone numbers to the free military plan so that we could retain the same numbers when we return to the States.

I appreciate Sprint's help and understanding, and I am hoping that other companies treat our military members and families the same.  I'd love to hear your experiences, both good and bad, with various companies.

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