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And the Big Winners Are:


Thanks to everyone who participated in The Great PCS Book Giveaway.  Mental note for next time:  start the contest more than two weeks before the actual move.

Because my life descended into barely organized chaos at the end, I threw all the winner's books in a box and mailed them to myself here at my new home.  (If you can call the Navy Lodge a home.)  I will be sending emails tomorrow to each winner so that I can get your mailing addresses, or you can email me via the Contact Kate button half way down the left hand side of the page.

The big winners are:

Day One:  Marianna

Day Two:  Suzanne B.

Day Three:  13greenducks

Day Four:  no one entered :(

Day Five:  Naomi

Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope that the winners enjoy their prizes.  I don't know how long mail will take from my new location so I guess you are my test cases.

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