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Mission May: Day Fifteen


Well, I am now half way through my May challenge. I'm learning some stuff, and making (a teeny tiny bit) of money, and slowly clearing things out of my house.  I've marked three boxes off my chart, for $150, but I've failed to put it in a good location for the constant reminders that I need.Here are the highlights of the month so far:

  • Mailed textbooks back to for $60 in Amazon credit.  Spent $4 to have the UPS store package it properly - it seems I've been doing a good job of recycling those boxes as they come into the house.
  • Tried to resell books at local college bookstore.  Clerk informed me that prices will go up next week.  Doh!  I hope I didn't sell my books on Amazon for too little.  Have small pile of books for college bookstore when prices go up.  That had never occurred to me.
  • Returned merchandise and used printer cartridges to Office Depot.  $60some dollars in store credit, plus $9 to come on rewards card.  Also tracked down old Office Depot rewards card that still has $2 on it, put it in my wallet.
  • Husband sold extra baseball tickets for $20 outside game.  Better than nothing!
  • Made a whopping $3 so far at the consignment shop.
  • Listed two items on Craigs List.  So far, all the responses have been spam or flaky.
  • Listed one item on eBay.  No bids yet, three more days to go.  Ebay was offering no listing fees, so it didn't cost anything to list.
  • Went through eBay pile and sent a few things to the thrift shop.  This isn't mainly about making money, it is mainly about getting the stuff out of the house, and it just isn't worth the energy for something that probably won't sell anyway.
I admit, I'm getting a little discouraged.  I thought that the textbooks were going to make lots of money, and that would make the $1000 an easy goal.  Not so much, I see...

I would love to hear your experiences and successes!

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