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Mission May: Day Ten


Let's hope your May challenge is progressing better than mine is...

I went back to my original post to find some motivation and realized that I had skipped step one.  Making a visual way to track progress is the only way I ever accomplish anything.  I grabbed a sheet of recycling paper and made a chart:

May Challenge Chart

This morning, I have returned some stuff to Office Depot and received a $66.00 credit.  I then spent $9, so I'm thinking that only counts as $57.00, plus it is in the form of an Office Depot gift card.  I'm not even sure that counts but my friends tell me that it does.  I also returned three empty printer cartridges, which will give me $9.00 credit on my Office Depot rewards card that comes quarterly.  One definite downside is that won't even come until after we move, and there won't be an Office Depot there, so I'll have to use it online.  Less than ideal.  I've got an expensive package of ink here that I'm considering returning and rebuying with my gift card - that would give me about $45 of actual cash value.

I still haven't mailed my books to Amazon as I don't have the right size box.  I think I will go to the UPS store and let them package it.  It will cut into my profit but it will still be gone and I will still have earned some money.

Clothes are the consignment shop, one book going back to school today, and I'm listing some stuff on Craigs list.  I'm never going to make it!

Summary:  $57 credit for Office Depot, plus $9 in Office Depot Rewards.  $66 in credit.  NO cash.

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