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Water for the Airplane

I'm in Killeen, Texas this weekend for SpouseBUZZ Live (if you're here, come on over to the Plaza and see us :).  I'm going to have to save my big writing until next week, but I wanted to pass along a tip I got from my frequent flyer sister.

We all know that you can't take your own water bottles through security anymore.  What you can do, however, is take an empty bottle through security and fill it from the water fountain on the other side.  I've done this twice now and I am so glad that I did.  I'm always dehydrated when I fly because I refuse to pay $2 for a bottle of water.  And one bottle isn't enough, anyway.  I filled my bottle three times yesterday and it was free.  Plus, I drank it all and felt good.

Yeah! water.  Yeah! free.

Have a great weekend!

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