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Swagbucks: Have You Heard Of It?


Sometimes, I'm a little slow catching on to the hot new trends, even if it might save me some money.  That is definitely the case with Swagbucks.  I've been hearing about Swagbucks for months now and hadn't even checked it out until recently.  Once I did a little investigation, it looked like something I would be interested in trying.  I wanted to be sure to sign up through a friend so that someone would benefit from my registration.  I finally found the right friend and signed up a few days ago.  I've already earned 19 Swagbucks, which is nearly enough to earn the first reward that I want.

What is Swagbucks?  It is an online system that rewards you for certain online activities.  The most popular one is searches.  Just like your usual search engine, you use the Swagbucks search engine to do your internet searches.  You will randomly earn Swagbucks for searching.  I have earned one, two or three Swagbucks per day, just doing my usual searches.  You can go to Swagbucks to initiate your search or you can download the Swagbucks toolbar to make it easier.  (I downloaded and haven't had any problems so far, and I know LOTS of people who use it without any issues.) Other ways to earn Swagbucks include referring people (easy via email or Facebook), reading offers, doing your online shopping through Swagbucks, recycling your old cellphones, and finding random Swagcodes. (I haven't completely figured that one out yet, but I've been using my Swagsearch to search for "earning Swagbucks" and finding some very interesting articles.)  You can even download a banner that looks like this:

Search & Win

Reward choices are really broad, from entries into sweepstakes (1 Swagbuck) all the way to a Playstation 3 (5415 Swagbucks.)  Things that have caught my eye:  $5 Amazon gift cards (45 Swagbucks) and some various iTunes music downloads (15-20 Swagbucks for a single, mid 200 Swagbucks for most albums).

All the links in this article are referral links to me (hey, I'm not dumb).  I figure it is worth a little bit of my time to see what happens.  It has been easy so far, and writing this post has been the most time-consuming part by far. I'm already doing internet searches every day and maybe now I'll get an added benefit from it. I'll keep you posted.

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