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Shopping Up a Frenzy, or Not?


Ah, December.  The sights and sounds of the holidays:  cookies, carols, cards?  This evening I took two of the kids to (gasp!) the mall in search of some clothes as they are growing faster than I can find hand-me-downs.  I am quite fond of Lands' End clothes and our Sears store is having some amazing sales.

I don't normally spend a lot of time in the mall, perhaps a quick dash in every other month to purchase a specific item at a specific store.  As a result, my kids think that the mall is some sort of Disneyland.  We ventured a bit past the Sears store to soak in a little of the holiday atmosphere.  I don't really know what the mall looks like on a typical Monday night, but it didn't seem too crazy to me.  We were able to find parking easily and it was quite close to the entrance.  We didn't encounter any long lines or crazed throngs of shoppers.  In fact, there weren't really a lot of people in the store and we had no wait at all to check out.

I'm wondering - what is your holiday shopping situation?  I claim to be nearly done but keep finding useful things that the kids could get as presents.  (Think new socks, and luggage for our PCS this summer.  Exciting stuff.)  I hear the reports saying that this has been a good season for retailers but I haven't seen any firsthand evidence and the retailers are offering awfully good discounts right now.  Why would they be doing that if the season is going well?

As usual, I'd like to know what is going on in your life, and what you think about the current situation.  It is so useful to learn what is happening in other military families.  Happy Holidays!


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