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Using Tools Makes Couponing Easy


I used to be an avid coupon clipper, and spend a ridiculous amount of time shopping at different grocery stores, matching up sales with double or triple coupons so that I rarely spent much on food.  It was great for our budget, but it wasn't great for our lives.

As our family's schedule has evolved, I've been couponing less and spending more.  It isn't a great situation, but it works.  Then, yesterday, I saw a grocery store advertisement offering triple coupons up to 99 cents this week.  My inner coupon queen started getting a little antsy and I decided that I'd take a little time, sift through the exploding drawer of coupons, and see if I could make any good deals.

On a hunch, I googled "Shoppers Food Triple coupon" and after a few false leads, came upon a site called Redemption Unlimited.  It lists all sorts of deals and coupon savings, including a huge list of coupons that can be used with the Shoppers triple coupon deal.  They list the date of the coupon flyer that the coupons were published in, which works out great for me since I've been doing nothing but shoving the flyers in the drawer for months now.  A few minutes of organizing the coupons, then going down the list, locating the coupons, and I was out the door.  It was way faster than any other way I've ever done it before!

I had such a successful trip at Super Fresh that I then did the same thing for Walgreens.  I happened to remember that a site called The Thrifty Mama listed the best of the Walgreens ads each week, so I went over to that site to check it out.  I was able to match up a few coupons with sales and register rewards and make a great deal.

If you like to coupon but want to extend your savings, or you are just learning about couponing, or you need to shave time off your couponing, you will definitely want to use the internet tools available.  I'm amazed at what I found, and how much time I saved.

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