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While researching another subject, I can across innovative software that can help you to save money on printer ink and toner. is the website that advertises PretonSave, software that saves ink by altering your printing instructions to use less ink without degrading the quality of your printing.  The software is easy to install and ready to use immediately, with any printer brand, and can be used on inkjet, laser or photo printers.  Once you've installed the software, and adjusted the settings if desired, all you have to do is press print as usual and the software will automatically change the print directions.  Not only will you save ink (and money) but you will also be reducing the amount of stuff that needs to be recycled.  Plus, fewer trips to buy more ink!

You can download a free 30 day trial from the website, and if you like it, there are various purchase options.  It isn't a cheap program so you will have to consider how much ink you are currently using before deciding if this is a good choice for you.  I would imagine that if you have a home business, or are a student, or print a lot of photos, this would be a smart investment.

I'm going to try the free trial and I'll let you know how it works out.  Please share your experiences if you have used this program before, or if you try it now. Show Full Article

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