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Referral Unnecessary for H1N1 Vaccine


Tricare has temporarily suspended the need for prior authorization and referral to receive the H1N1 vaccine from any Tricare-authorized provider.  What this means is that you can go to a Tricare-authorized provider to get the H1N1 vaccine without seeing your primary care provider first.  With some areas experiencing a scarcity of the vaccine, this will allow you to get the vaccine from the providers who have it without waiting and possibly missing your opportunity.  Pharmacists are not considered Tricare-authorized providers and therefore you will not be able to use this benefit at a pharmacy vaccination clinic.

This page from the CDC provides additional information about Tricare and the H1N1 vaccine - scroll down to find the Tricare section.

This temporary change to policy is only in effect from October 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010.

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