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Sometimes it seems that body wash, shampoo and conditioner just disappear in this house.  I'm sure that the children are using huge amounts, and I find the occasional open bottle on its side.  Even when I find great prices, it is really annoying to see such waste.  Well, I have found a solution!  Mega-sized bottles, while not always the most economical, often come with a pump that controls the amount of product being used.  I tried this as a test, beginning in May, by purchasing a big bottle of both shampoo and conditioner.  I am amazed - it has been four months and even with five people using it, the bottles aren't empty yet.  I have been so impressed that I've been searching for body wash in a pump bottle as well.

It seems that body wash isn't offered in a pump bottle very often, but I did manage to find it on clearance at Bath and Body Works. I was talking to the employees about how glad I was to find it in the pump and they said that it was a very popular product.  They also suggested that I hold on to the bottles after the body wash was gone so that I could refill them with another product.  Brilliant!  (I know, I should have thought of it first, but I didn't.)

So far, I've seen the big bottles of shampoo and conditioner several places, including the commissary, warehouse clubs, and at the hair cut place.  While I might be able to find these products cheaper by using coupons and doing some super shopping, moving to the big bottles has made my bathroom more tidy, has eliminated the cries of "Can someone please bring me some shampoo?" and has freed up some space in the bathroom cupboard.  I think it has been a win all around.

If anyone knows where to buy body wash in pump bottles, please share.  I'd love to know.

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