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Free Chick-fil-A and Other Restaurant Goodies


Thank you, Bargain Briana, for pointing out TWO ways to get free Chick-fil-A!  It is nice to have a little restaurant treat once in a while, and even better when you can get a bargain as well.

Speaking of bargains, don't forget to check your favorite restaurant websites to sign up for their birthday clubs and other clubs.  Just tonight, the four kids and I ate dinner at Bob Evans for only $13, courtesy of a couple of birthday club coupons.  (Don't forget to calculate your tip based upon the full amount of the bill before discounts.)  I noticed that the kids hadn't received their Friendly's birthday emails so I clicked on over to discover their new Best Friend of Friendly's club.  I'm a little confused about whether the old Friendly's registrations are gone but I did sign up for the new club.

I'm in the mid-Atlantic, so I'm also signed up with Boston Market's VIP club, the Cheeburger Cheeburger Fan Mail Club, and Denny's Birthday Club.  Check websites for restaurants in your area to see what deals you can find.  I keep my coupons in the glove box for surprise treats or to keep the costs down while traveling.

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