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It Pays to Ask

I hate wasting money, but it happens sometimes.  There are three places where I tend to lose money in large chunks:  not sending in rebates, not getting reimbursed for stuff, and making reservations or registrations that I don't use or forget to cancel.  Ack!  Just in the last week, I have a receipt for a taxi that I need to submit for reimbursement, a rebate for a computer purchase that needs to be sent, two hotel reservations to cancel, and a child that decided that that she absolutely, positively would not participate in the track program that she absolutely, positively wanted to do the week before.

I'd love to say that I took care of all four items, but I only did two.  Cancelling the reservations was quick and easy, but I am so proud of myself for how I handled the sports registration.  I've never asked for a refund for a kid's sport because I have always felt like it was my child's choice not to participate and it wasn't the program's fault that she changed her mind.  However, this was $125 and I told myself that it wouldn't hurt me to ask.  I emailed the head of the track program and explained that we'd tried it one time and that my daughter was overwhelmed by all the kids, and would it be possible to get a refund?  I only wrote to him last night, and I was delighted to discover that I already had a refund this morning!  Amazing!

The lesson I've learned today is that it doesn't cost anything to ask, and it might save you some money.  I'm going to remember this in the future and make a little more effort to save myself some money where I can.  And I'm going to hit those other two items on my to do list!

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