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In the "better late than never" edition of Where's the Paycheck Chronicles, we have these offerings:

The Money Hacks Carnival, hosted by My Life ROI, includes Busy.

The Festival of Frugality, hosted by Savings Not Shoes, features Four Financial Lessons from A Six Year Old.

Elsewhere around the internet, some of my favorite posts:

Jeremy at GenerationXFinancewrites Where to Go for Help With Getting Out of Debt.  When you can't do it yourself, it is time to get help.  There are good choices and bad choices - make sure you make a good decision.

Just in time for PCS season, My Two Dollarsoutlines 5 Ways to Start Decluttering Your Life and Home.  If you don't know where to start - start here!

One effective way to lower your monthly bills is to slash those phone, internet and cable TV bills.  20Something Financeis delighted to find Comcast's Kryptonite Discovered.  Use his techniques to lower your bills, too.

Hope you had an excellent weekend!

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