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Mother's Day Frugal Five: The Remote Edition


Mother's Day is always challenging, but especially when you are far away from home.  Still, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Mom (and your kids' Mom) without going over budget.  Most of them will require you to get something in the mail today or tomorrow, but some can be done as late as Sunday.

  1. Flowers.  I'm usually against flowers because they are so expensive, but I understand that they are a lovely gesture when you are far away.  Plus, they look and smell fantastic.  Click through USAA for 20% off on all Teleflora orders.  You might also want to go through Proflowers...they have some excellent prices.  And even less expensive option is to ask a brother, sister or friend to pick Mom up some flowers and deliver them for you!
  2. Cards.  Play like you're in elementary school and make a unique card.  I treasure the handmade cards my children have made for me.
  3. Photos.  Make your mom a slide show with pictures of what is going on in your life.  Put it on a disk or upload it to a photosharing site.
  4. Music.  If Mom likes music, make her a compilation CD or MP3 playlist of special songs.  Songs that have family memories, songs from your childhood, or songs that she really likes will all be appreciated.
  5. Memories.  There are lots of creative ways to share your memories.  Write or type a letter telling your mom why you love her - you might think she knows but it is always nice to hear it.  Put together a memory jar, with little slips of paper with thoughts on them, or make a video of you talking about your mom.
This list is designed for gifts than be given from far away.   I'm sure you have lots more suggestions - please add them in the comments.  Mother's Day:  The Local Edition will be available tomorrow, so check back.
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