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4/2/2009  This Just In:  The brand new Carnival of Pecuniary Delights, hosted by Penelope at Pecuniarities, has an all time Paycheck Chronicles favorite:  Seven Reasons Why Clutter is Costing Me Money.

Elsewhere on the internet this week, The Paycheck Chronicles has been noticed in the following places:

The Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted by Penelope at Pecuniarities, features A Dollar Saved Is Two Dollars Earned.

The Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Wide Open Wallet, showcases Powers of Attorney.

The Carnival of Everything Money, hosted by The Penny Daily, includes Transferring Your GI Bill.

The Festival of Frugality, hosted by I've Paid for This Twice Already, added Laundry on the Cheap.

The Money Hacks Carnival, hosted by Ask Mr Credit Card's Blog, presents How to Opt-Out.

Some of the most excellent reads around the internet this week include

At Man vs. Debt, Baker reports the result of My Debt-Recon and Current Battle Plans.  His humorous style makes hearing about his debt repayment plans even more interesting.  I also suggest his current post, The Real Price of Spending While In Debt:  $6.25 Footlongs...  If I were carrying around high interest consumer debt, I would print out this article and tape it to my wallet.  Heck, I might just do that anyway...

The Sun's Financial Diary offers an excellent explanation of the differences between PIN vs. Signature Based Debit Transactions.  This is a subject I don't hear much about, but I think it is important that consumers understand the differences between the two methods of paying with the same card.

Fire Finance presents an Early Retirement Case Study:  Sandy Aldridge and Dale Lugenbehl.  I often hear military members say that they plan to have an early retirement when they get out of the military.  It certainly can be done, but it isn't easy.  While they are not military, Aldridge and Lugenbehl's retirement looks pretty similar to what an early retirement on a military pension might look like.

Hope you're having a great week!

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