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$300? I can save $300?


I'm sure you remember that fridge I've been planning to get rid of.   Well, my local radio station might have just convinced me.  WTOP is Washington, DC's "news, weather and traffic" station and they just did a segment saying that refrigerator could be costing me $300 a year in electricity.  And I'm guessing that they're not including the fact that the seal doesn't seal properly.  Wow, that should be good incentive.  Maybe I need to make a sign that says "Save $300 - empty the freezer!" and place it somewhere obvious.  Signs seem to work for me.

The WTOP article also links to the Energy Star website.  Specific pages address issues such as sealing your home, Heat & Cool Efficiently and Home Improvement FAQs.  I learned several interesting things here, like that I probably shouldn't have wasted money getting my air ducts cleaned and that I'm not likely to seal my older home too tightly.

There's a world of energy efficiency information out there - have a look.

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