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Couponing 101

You may have seen those people at the grocery store, clutching a handful of coupons and making the cashier just a bit nutty.  They are holding up the line and you're a little annoyed, until the cashier hands them the receipt (it's a mile long) and announces, "You saved $74.30 today."

And suddenly you wonder - should I be clipping coupons?  How do they have time to do it?  And aren't they buying a lot of stuff that I wouldn't regularly buy?  These are all legitimate questions.

I admit that I go in phases:  sometimes I am hyper-organized and save a bundle, other times I just shake my head  sheepishly when the cashier says, "Do you have any coupons today?"  It can be work, and it can make you crazy if you let it.  Fortunately, Briana at Bargain Briana has put together an excellent series of posts:  15 Days of Couponing.  She's currently on Day 5 and they've all been super so far.  She keeps it simple enough for beginners but adds enough complicated stuff to keep experienced couponers interested as well.  I'm confident the rest of the articles will be just as good, though I can't imagine where she's going to come up with 10 more posts.  I look forward to finding out.

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