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Public Radio Discusses Military Finances

American Public Media is the second largest producer and distributor of public radio programming.  One of their largest products is a segment called Marketplace Money.  From the website, "Each week on Marketplace Money, host Tess Vigeland looks at majornational and international stories that impact the average listener'swallet. It's "the money show for the rest of us."  Marketplace Money has put together a special series called Debt of Service:  Personal Finance In the Military.  Segments include Getting Personal Finances Ship Shape, Married to the Military, and I Will Take Care of My Son.  I was particular interested in Debt is A Target on U.S. Military Radar, which discussed the impact of personal financial troubles on the military's ability to do their job.

Also a Marketplace Money contributor, personal finance guru Chris Farrell does a "Getting Personal" column answers individual questions submitted bylisteners.  He's compiled a list of military specific questions here.

It is always helpful when the mainstream media tackles issues of military finances.  I'm thankful for their attention and hope that it will help all of us.

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