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It seems like this week is "new resource" week around the web.

First, Love My Tanker from SpouseBUZZ sent me a great article that talks about using online discount codes to help save money.  From the Wall Street Journal people, this Yahoo Finance article is called Coupon Web Sites:  Never Pay Full Price Again?

Over at Frugal Homemaker Plus, guest author River explains the mysteries of home-made cleaning supplies.  And guess what?  They're not that mysterious after all.  I love that they are environmentally friendly and frugal at the same time.

Have your finances reached the point where you need outside, professional help?  Check out this review of various debt consolidation companies from Star Review.  There are a lot of free resources inside the military community, and you should definitely try them first, but if you decide to use a debt consolidation company this list may help you find a good one.

If you are home for the holiday today, take some time to learn a little more from these excellent articles available on the internet.

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