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Another Great New Blog Discovered!

I stumbled across another great blog today, The Wisdom Journal.  I particularly like the comprehensive post titled 50 Frugal Things You Aren't Doing.  I feel pretty excited that I actually am doing a few of these things:  my husband and I talk about our financial goals regularly (#2), we don't have private mortgage insurance (#10), and we have a programmable thermostat (#28).  A few others we sort of do.  The author, Ron, challenges the readers to pick five things from the list and try to implement them.  Here are my goals: 

  • write a better budget and stick to it,
  • control my emotional (and unplanned) spending,
  • set up a Christmas Club account (I had one organized, then I diverted the money to another purpose),
  • make a personal inventory of our stuff,
  • increase our savings rate

So, what five things could you do?  I think Ron has done an excellent job of giving suggestions that will help us all weather these tough economic times.  Thanks, Ron.

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