A Lone Spec Ops Veteran Must Stop the Terrorists in 'Last Resort'

Last Resort Jon Foo
Jon Foo stars in the spec ops thriller "Last Resort." (Well Go USA/Saban Films)

In the movies, it seems like former special forces soldiers are magnets for life-threatening drama when they return to civilian life. In "Last Resort," Jon Foo ("Rush Hour" TV series) plays Michael Reed, a veteran who just wants to chill on the couch watching cartoons. Unfortunately, his wife and daughter become hostages in a bank robbery, and he's got to get off his butt and kick some ass.

"Last Resort" will open in select theaters on Jan. 6, 2023, and will be available on digital and on demand on Jan. 10.

The robbery is really just a cover for a terrorist attack. First, ringleader Cooper (Clayton Norcross, who had a long run on "The Bold and the Beautiful'' in the 1980s) demands that authorities release a friend from prison, but that demand is really just a distraction.

The cops have no idea what they're doing, so Michael takes over, invades the bank solo and starts wiping out anyone wearing ninja clothes. Unfortunately, Michael has not seen "Die Hard," so he's distracted when he encounters a guy wearing a suit who claims to be a hostage. Of course, that guy's with the robbery crew. We've got a clip.

    In another classic action-movie trope, our hero establishes a phone relationship with a cop on the outside. Of course, there's also a lethal toxin hidden in the bank vault, and that's the real reason for the takeover. Can Michael stop the bad guys and keep millions of people from dying a gnarly chemical death?

    Everyone who enjoys movies about spec ops veterans haunted by their pasts knows that the experience is always about exactly how the hero is going to finish off the bad guys and not whether he'll save the day.

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