Spectacular New 4K '13 Hours' Release Revisits the 'Secret Soldiers of Benghazi'


Michael Bay's Benghazi movie "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" reached theaters three years ago. It's still a great military movie, and the new 4K version is a truly spectacular upgrade.

Of course, it's a Michael Bay movie so the Blu-ray looked great with its hyper-saturated colors, but the 4K upgrade adds a level of detail that most likely trumps anything you might have seen in a movie theater back in 2016.

But is it a military movie or is it a spy movie about military contractors working for the CIA? The movie's central characters are mostly former special ops guys: SEAL "Jack Silva" (John Krasinski), SEAL Tyrone "Rone" Woods (James Badge Dale), Army Ranger Kris "Tanto" Paronto (Pablo Schreiber), Marine John "Tig" Tiegen (Dominci Fumusa), Marine Mark "Oz" Geist (Max Martini) and SEAL Glen "Bub" Doherty (Toby Stephens) are private citizens working as security and not active-duty military service members.

The filmmakers are smart enough to focus on the challenges faced by these men once their employer's intelligence proves to be worthless and there's an uprising that our spy services didn't see coming.

Of course, there's a debate about whether we should be using private contractors for security or if we should change the rules of engagement to allow contractors to perform military tasks in an emergency. Viewers might complain that "13 Hours" doesn't really explore that conundrum but, then again, Congress doesn't seem to be willing to contemplate it either.

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"13 Hours" is a great military movie that illustrates the still-unexamined contradictions of U.S. policy after 9/11. The veterans who fought and died in Benghazi may not have battled under the direction of the United States military, but they're heroes nonetheless.

This 4K release comes with a digital copy and a second Blu-ray disc that recycles the bonus features from the original home video release.

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