Recognizing the 238th Navy Birthday


1. 13 October 2013 will mark the U.S. Navy's 238th birthday. Beginning with the establishment of our Navy in 1775 and continuing to our current Fleet, the Navy has stood the watch for more than two centuries. This message provides information along with recommendations to support Navy wide efforts to recognize and commemorate this year's birthday. This year's theme for the U.S. Navy birthday is Defending America with Pride Since 1775.

2. The week-long commemoration will take place from 7-13 October. The goals of this celebration are to honor our shipmates who stand and have stood the watch, showcase our Navy's history and heritage, as well as instill a sense of pride in our sailors and the American public.

3. Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) will serve to support commands' commemoration efforts.

A. The Navy Birthday Working Group was established to support Fleet-wide planning to make birthday commemorations as meaningful and economical as possible. USFF, CPF, OPNAV, CNIC, CNRF, CHINFO, NETC, CNATRA, BUMED, ONR, NAVSPECWAR and CNRC are currently invited members, and local commands may join by contacting NHHC POC listed below.

B. NHHC is developing a tool kit that will be available online. The following content is accessible from NHHC:

1. Plan of the Day historical notes for the week of Navy birthday (which will also be posted in the Plan of the Day section on the Navy's website at 2. Navy Ball template. 3. History stand down lesson plans. 4. Template for Navy birthday bell ringing ceremony. 5. Other helpful historical information to plan command/unit events. 6. Tools for this year's Navy birthday, as they are developed, can be found at Day-index.htm

C. NHHC is working with CHINFO and Defense Media Activity on media materials for use at local and regional commemorative efforts.

D. Commemorative Events. The following list of events are recommended for consideration as operational commitments and fiscal guidance permit:

1. Bell-ringing ceremony - visit the NHHC website for specific details. 2. Relaying/projecting of SECNAV/CNO birthday messages 3. Singing of Anchors Aweigh 4. Cake cutting ceremony 5. Classic Navy movie presentation 6. Navy Birthday Fun Run 7. Re-enlistments 8. Birthday ball/dining out 9. History Stand-Downs/POD Notes

E. Social Media. In order to track the online worldwide conversation about the Navy's birthday, request commands use the hashtag #USNavyBday in all birthday related social media efforts. Use of this hashtag will allow for an easy search and to follow the conversation.

F. At the end of this year's effort, NHHC will solicit and compile "lessons learned" to improve on next year's commemoration from working group members. 4. NHHC POC is Mr. Paul Lachance, (202) 433-3207 (DSN PREFIX: 288), Email: paul.lachance(AT)

5. Released by Vice Admiral R. W. Hunt, Director, Navy Staff.//

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