6 Key Words for CNO Birthday Message


6 Key Words for CNO Birthday Message: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- As we celebrate our naval heritage on our 237th birthday Oct. 13, we proudly reflect on more than two centuries of warfighting excellence as the world's preeminent maritime force.

We had an extremely busy year answering our nation's calls to operate forward - and like those Sailors that came before us, we assured allies, projected power, and defended our nation's interests around the globe. This past year also signified a landmark year for our Navy as we commemorated the War of 1812. 200 years ago, on the Great Lakes, along the eastern seaboard, and waters of New Orleans, our legacy was forged and traditions were made.

We can never forget the sailors who fought in 1812 and what we learned. They were brave and innovative sailors with an amazing warfighting spirit. They made us what we are today, and their spirit and self-sacrifice live on in our bold, proficient and confident sailors.

As we start this New Year together, I ask you to remember our tenets: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready.

We must be ready to fight and win today, while building the ability to win tomorrow. We must provide offshore options to deter, influence, and win in an era of uncertainty. Finally, we must harness the teamwork, talent, and imagination of our diverse force to be ready to fight and responsibly employ our resources.

Happy 237th birthday shipmates! I could not be more proud of our Sailors, civilian work force, and families. I am grateful to be your shipmate and a part of the greatest navy the world has ever known.

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